Bachelor of Science in PCM

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B.Sc. in PCM
Eligibility Course Mode Duration Fees Per Year/Sem
10+2 WITH PCM/B Year 3 Year Rs. 10000
Year 1
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
BSPCM-11 Theory English 6
BSPCM-12 Theory Mechanics, Heat and Thermodynamics 6
BSPCM-13 Theory Principles and Applications of Physics and Electromagmnetics 6
BSPCM-14 Theory Introduction to Chemistry 6
BSPCM-15 Theory Organic Chemistry 6
BSPCM-16 Theory Algebra and Geometry 6
BSPCM-17 Theory Calculus and Differential equations 6
BSPHY-104 Theory Mathematical Methods in Physics-I 6
Year 2
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
BSPCM-21 Theory Mathematical Methods in Physics 6
BSPCM-22 Theory Electronics 6
BSPCM-23 Theory Inorganic Chemistry 6
BSPCM-24 Theory Physical Chemistry 6
BSPCM-25 Theory Multivariable Calculus 6
BSPCM-26 Theory Discrete Mathematics 6
Year 3
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
BSPCM-31 Theory Classical Electrodynamics 6
BSPCM-32 Theory Quantum Mechanics 6
BSPCM-33 Theory Analytical Chemistry 6
BSPCM-34 Theory Industrial Chemistry 6
BSPCM-35 Theory Complex Analysis 6
BSPCM-36 Theory Graph theory 6