Folk University’s headquarters campus in beautiful natural environment and is the ideal destination for higher education. Haveri district in the center of town, 36 km, Siggaviyinda 6 km from the district center National highway at a distance of -4 `gotagodi the place of the university in operation. Folk University is a unique academic identity and dharanagolisikondiddu, prasaktakalada study on the needs of indigenous knowledge, traditions, and their sanvardhanege katibaddhavagide. Janapadas lokadrsti, in their wisdom, knowledge and globalization are rapidly changing world, an alternative source of its prastutatege University of special focus. Unlike the standard language maukhikateyalli yajamanyakke gives more emphasis to the cultural expression of the oral sankathanakke.


1. PG Diploma in Traditional Dairy Practices
2. Diploma in Traditional Agriculture